Retirement Planning and Super

As retirement nears and you begin thinking about the retirement lifestyle you would like, your super comes more into focus. Depending on when you plan to retire – at age 50, 55 or 60 – you may start thinking about putting extra money into super. If you are interested in ethical super funds, we can look into these together. You may also consider managing your own super, maximising your investments, and balancing risk and return. Additionally, we can look at your wealth protection needs. So as you think about winding down from the workforce, Novo Wealth will work with you. We can work to minimise risks your super investments are exposed to and protect wealth you’ve worked hard to build.

Easing into part-time work and taking advantage of the government’s transition-to-retirement rules is the natural way to move into the next stage of life. Whatever your plans, maximising your retirement savings is essential. Consequently, the way you structure your finances can have a direct impact on how much you end up with down the track.

Novo Wealth can provide retirement planning advice and help you work out how to maximise your years in the workforce. Finally, Novo Wealth can assist you to draw an income from your super in retirement.