May 7, 2020

Listening to the experts..

In my role as a financial adviser and financial coach I speak with people every day which led me to think…

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What will the future of financial advice look like?

Considering a client’s values and ethical concerns in financial advice might become the new norm, according to current regulatory changes, consumer demand and global trends. There are three important drivers of change currently taking place in financial advice, that is triggering discussion among advisers, clients and investors. First, Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA)…

Greenwashing: when is sustainable not responsible?

Responsible investing has become so popular that many fund managers want to get in on the action. But just because a fund is called sustainable or ethical… is it really? It’s great that responsible investing is becoming more popular. It means that more money is being invested in companies that do good for people and…

Gender Diversity

Gender: does it impact your investments?

Gender diversity is becoming increasingly important, as investors realise that it makes good business sense to incorporate the viewpoints of half the world’s population.

Need some inspiration for the New Year?

New year, better portfolio. Why investing ethically makes more sense. A new year often means new beginnings. We clear out the house, make resolutions for our health and well-being and passionately vow to make positive changes. With all this motivation and inspiration, have you spared a thought for how you can make a positive difference…

Retire with more money, less stress and maintain your moral compass.

This guide will show you how.

Post holiday blues to financial hangover….

The 12 days of Christmas are over.

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