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“We have been really happy with Paul looking after our short and long term plans for a more secure future in retirement.
We had been told of the transition to retirement program by workmates and friends but didn’t really understand the mechanics of how it worked.
Paul laid it out in full for us and followed up with implementing the plan we came up with.
We have a lot more peace of mind now that the way ahead is planned and operating.
Have already recommended him to several acquaintances and work colleagues and would willingly do so again.
A subject as important as retirement requires the expertise of someone like Paul.”

Tony and Karyn

“Paul fully understands my particular financial situation and requirements. I often present him with some tricky issues, but he always analyses meticulously and finds a solution just right for my needs. He is always my trusted adviser on all matters relating to my financial welfare.”


“So far every contact I have had with Paul has been excellent. He has the ability to make things clear without talking down to you. He came to me with excellent references, and I feel it will be a positive relationship for the future.”


“Always the consummate professional, he takes time to explain patiently and thoroughly all details of my finances. I have complete faith in his advice and experience.”


“Great job, explained things clearly and succinctly in language I understood. Now all set up and just need to work the plan!”